What Media Companies Can Learn from Walmart

What Media Companies Can Learn from Walmart – GigaOM

“As reported in a number of places, Walmart has acquired OneRiot: a startup that originally tried to do social search before pivoting to focus on social advertising. OneRiot joins a unit called Walmart Labs, which the giant retailer created earlier this year with the acquisition of a company called Kosmix. Why should media companies (or anyone else, for that matter) find this interesting? Because what drove Walmart to make these acquisitions and create Walmart Labs is the same thing that plenty of other companies, and particularly media entities, should be interested in: making sense of all the data coming in from users on social networks and their sharing activity.”


New Retail Strategies: Offering a Better Fit for Today’s Careful Consumers

New Retail Strategies: Offering a Better Fit for Today’s Careful Consumers – Knowledge@Wharton

“In many ways, it’s a retail story that never changes, says Wharton marketing professor Leonard Lodish: ‘Retailers that really solve problems and delight consumers in ways that other retailers can’t … do very well.'”

Another Reason Facebook Wants Identities: Commerce

Another Reason Facebook Wants Identities: Commerce – TechCrunch

“Last week, Facebook’s marketing head, Randi Zuckerberg, caused a stir when she asserted that online anonymity has to go away. But the reason large, powerful networks are pushing for a world in which our verified and authenticated identities exist online isn’t simply to stop cyber-bullying and to create incentives for users to behave more nicely. This is about money. Part of the company’s drive is also to help users leverage their online identities to transform and accelerate online commerce.”

Even Marked Up, Luxury Goods Fly Off Shelves

Even Marked Up, Luxury Goods Fly Off Shelves – NY Times

“Nordstrom has a waiting list for a Chanel sequined tweed coat with a $9,010 price. Neiman Marcus has sold out in almost every size of Christian Louboutin “Bianca” platform pumps, at $775 a pair. Mercedes-Benz said it sold more cars last month in the United States than it had in any July in five years.”

This Is What Twitter Commerce Might Look Like

This Is What Twitter Commerce Might Look Like – Business Insider

“Twitter CEO Dick Costolo believes that commerce is a big way Twitter can make money. He’s right. The question is how.”

Vogue Casts 1,000 ‘Influencers’ for Network

Vogue Casts 1,000 ‘Influencers’ for Network – AdWeek

“It’s not enough that a brand like Vogue can sway people to buy certain products by virtue of its clout. Brands today want to use the magazine’s readers to spread the word about their products.”

P&G Opens Facebook Stores, Paving the Way for Facebook’s Next Billion Dollar Business

P&G Opens Facebook Stores, Paving the Way for Facebook’s Next Billion Dollar Business – Business Insider

“Procter & Gamble is opening 6 Facebook stores, Social Commerce Today writes.This is a big sign that what we’ve been writing about, the arrival of commerce on Facebook, is coming in a big way. P&G, which owns brands like Gillette and Tide, is the ultimate consumer goods company.”