What Media Companies Can Learn from Walmart

What Media Companies Can Learn from Walmart – GigaOM

“As reported in a number of places, Walmart has acquired OneRiot: a startup that originally tried to do social search before pivoting to focus on social advertising. OneRiot joins a unit called Walmart Labs, which the giant retailer created earlier this year with the acquisition of a company called Kosmix. Why should media companies (or anyone else, for that matter) find this interesting? Because what drove Walmart to make these acquisitions and create Walmart Labs is the same thing that plenty of other companies, and particularly media entities, should be interested in: making sense of all the data coming in from users on social networks and their sharing activity.”


New Trends Tilt Toward Niche Sites

New Trends Tilt Toward Niche Sites – NY Times

“It was a rough week for the big guys on the Web. Yahoo unceremoniously dumped its chief executive, Carol Bartz, and AOL faced a mutiny from TechCrunch, the Silicon Valley news site it bought last year.

Apart from the specific business issues feeding those travails — sinking traffic and profits at both — they provided yet another lesson of the Internet age: as news surges on the Web, giant ocean liners like AOL and Yahoo are being outmaneuvered by the speedboats zipping around them, relatively small sites that have passionate audiences and sharply focused information.”

New Retail Strategies: Offering a Better Fit for Today’s Careful Consumers

New Retail Strategies: Offering a Better Fit for Today’s Careful Consumers – Knowledge@Wharton

“In many ways, it’s a retail story that never changes, says Wharton marketing professor Leonard Lodish: ‘Retailers that really solve problems and delight consumers in ways that other retailers can’t … do very well.'”

iPad No Longer Just for All the Young Dudes

iPad No Longer Just for All the Young Dudes – AllThingsD

“No surprise that iPads initially sold particularly well with people who were both young and not women — who else is going to camp outside an Apple store? Also not a surprise that as Apple sells more and more of these things — nine million in the last quarter alone — its customer base has become much broader.”

Want to Rent out that Spare Room? The Growing Popularity of ‘Collaborative Consumption’

Want to Rent out that Spare Room? The Growing Popularity of ‘Collaborative Consumption’ – Knowledge@Wharton

“The founders of Internet startup Airbnb were accustomed to rejection. Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk peddled to venture capitalists their idea for using the Internet to help people rent out a room, or even a couch, to frugal travelers. All of the venture capitalists took a pass. But after receiving funding as well as mentoring from incubator Y Combinator in 2009, the startup exploded.”

The Importance of Jobs

The Importance of Jobs – Wall Street Journal

“When the history of the past 40 years is written, who will be seen as the more consequential figure—the average American President, or a college dropout who built the first personal computer in a garage and went on to lead the most important company of the early 21st century?”

What Netflix and Hulu Users Are Watching… and How

What Netflix and Hulu Users Are Watching… and How – Nielsen Wire

“Streaming video online is on the rise in the U.S., and how consumers tune in differs greatly across services. According to a recent Nielsen survey, the majority of Netflix users report watching on a TV screen. In fact, half of all Netflix users connect via a game console (Wii, PS3 or Xbox Live).”